Personal Healing Session


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Invest In Your Life with Personal Healing Sessions

Personal sessions are done via phone/skype or Facetime.  For in person sessions contact Kathy here –

Private Coaching with Kathy focuses on supporting highly motivated clients who are dedicated to clearing their negative blocks and creating profound positive change in their lives. Her schedule regularly books very quickly. Sessions with Kathy are 45 minutes to an 1 hour long each.

Remember we have a lifetime of trials that need to be healed. It is highly recommended to come for numerous session depending on each persons personal path… allow yourself the time to be healed.

Healing is an unraveling.. You must take the time to get down deep into the core of each issue. It will take more Than one time to undo each problem.

Kathy takes clients for weekly sessions to heal and improve your life more rapidly!
You will see an amazing difference in every avenue of your daily life.

It is time for you to heal and create the positive changes you desire. Kathy will help you achieve your dreams & goals!

All Scheduled appt must be paid for in advance.
Please give a minimum 24 hr notice of any change of your appointment time. No refunds.


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Merri M.
Merri M.
Kathy somehow managed to get my panic attack under control and my mind to stop spinning out of control. Unbelievable! Thank you Kathy!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The healing I received from Kathy was profound! I have had a lot of energy work done over the years but this was the first time the breakthrough I had was like nothing I have experienced. Christine Cardamon

I’ve been working with spiritual healers for 30 years.
Kathy’s intuitive nature and channeling abilities opened new doors to healing that I hadn’t experienced at this level ever. I was flooded with vivid visions and emotional clarity, helping me understand emotions I was fostering or still holding onto from the past, she guided me through such a deep meditation that at times I was completely “out of body” in a transcendental state. I saw and felt an absolute connection with the universal light energy during these powerful visions, all of which cleansed and aligned my mind, body and soul.

I’ve suffered from a long sports injury that has been a harboring point for old dead emotions to manifest. Kathy’s intuitive energy and guidance relieved so much pain, which has lasted well over a week. She also taught me how to utilize the tools of focused meditation to consistently work on myself.

Light energy is powerful stuff!

Through her amazing gift i’m a better person, free of past scars and wounds. Or at least much freer than before.  I wholeheartedly believe that everyone can benefit and be a happier, calm, more balanced person through her gifted work:)

Thank you Kathy,     Jeffrey Baldwin