Clairvoyant Email Reading




Each email reading is with kathy Marrott herself.  Having a reading will help guide you and give clear answers and insight to many of your life questions.

Kathy will send you the answers to your questions within 72 hours.

Ann P
I have never in my life gotten a more spot on reading than from my friend Kathy..omg brought tears to my eyes the things she told me I can’t thank you enough Kathy for that wonderful chat..u told me things no one knew about me..I try to keep that part out of fb only my real friends know those things but you got it spot on!

I had a reading from Kathy it was spot on!! Kathy had no picture of me to tune into and I am across the world in Scotland!!
She picked up on my late husband described him to me clearly I had no doubt who it was she had linked too..
Kathy knew things no one else does and gave me some invaluable advice I would recommend her 100%… I will definitely be coming back for another reading… Fab !! Absolutely delighted…

Linda Patterson