30min Healing 30min Reading Session


Get clarity on any subject. Love, Relationships, Money, Career, Life path.. you name it. You’ll be clear after Kathy looks into your energy. Her Gifts allow her to see your Energy lines, Energy patterns. What will happen because of those patterns and HOW to CHANGE them. Kathy will actually help you change your energy/patterns creating what you DO want in your life.

Kathy can hear YOUR ANGELS & GUIDES, HIGHER self.

Allow Kathy to answer your burning questions along with some assistance in inner healing work.. The more inner healing work you do.. The clearer you are to manifest what you do want into your life. Try it.. You’ll love it..

Kathy was able to very quickly recognize some power imbalances in my energy field as well as some specific time periods from my childhood when these imbalances were created with regards to my relationship with my father. Apparently, I was storing a lot of rage in my body due to feelings of being controlled and I was almost taken aback by the depth of these old feelings as they were brought into my awareness.
She helped me to re-experience these feelings so I could change the story and release them from my body. After doing some simple exercises to free my ‘8 year old self’ from what I had once experienced as tyranny I decided to extend the experience by visualizing taking my 8 year old self out to lunch with me after the session and treating my ‘self’ with gentle kindness. It was a great exercise!
And after less than two days, my body just feels lighter; especially in the area of my 3rd chakra. My appetite has also been exceptionally ravenous which is unusual after 15 years of some digestive issues and food restrictions. These health issues initiated at the same time that I left my home 15 years ago. Who knows, maybe I have released what I could not ‘digest’ energetically for a decade and a half and now I will be able to free up some more food options with less restrictions going forward? I hope so, but I will see how things progress.
This was a very simple and real experience that I can take with me as I continue to recognize any of these old blockages on my own. I am very satisfied and I highly recommend Kathy for her healing work! Christopher Robert Taylor