Kids Meditation / Yoga Classes

Thank you for your interest in Kids Meditation.

I have been teaching my own kids they are ages 4 and 6 years old. Judah my 4 year old basically lasts as long as it to hold the pose… haha! But, that is a start. He likes to do simple Yoga poses while Desmond my 6 year old holds his meditation.

I teach a set of two classes..
For beginners 6-11yrs
For beginners 12-up

The length 15-30 minutes
15 min of Kids Yoga – 15 min of Kids mediation

I also teach simple techniques for inner & self-love and peace, Personal Energy & Vibration, Energy using light. Personal empowerment and grace. An overall feeling of Bliss.

For these age groups to hold a quiet…no thought vibration for at least 5 minutes is VERY good.

A donation of $15 per child is very appreciated.

As you most likely are aware Meditation Helps also helps to improve:

  • attention
  • behavior regulation
  • emotional control
  • memory
  • organizational skills
  • reduced stress and anxiety

I look forward to inspiring our beautiful children to source from their own awareness and give them an overall feeling of empowerment to help them literally in every realm of life.

Send me your email address or contact info with the subject “kids yoga schedule” and I will send you the latest class schedule.