Connect with your True inner warrior princess.. self empowerment.

Connect with your True inner warrior princess.. self empowerment.

Allow me to help guide your healing so you can attune with your true princess warrior.. full of self love, acceptance and true female empowerment.

What happens in a Alternative Energy healing session?
Kathy has direct contact with your guides/angels & higher self.
She is guided to what needs to be healed first.
If there are things you specifically would like to work on, we can do that too! She will ask your guides how to heal those.

Kathy has visions, she feels what is going on in the stories you’ve gone thru, brings up people & situations in your life that need healing. She uses energy, love & light to heal. Have faith because you will literally feel the difference.. Kathy is guided by your angles & Sprite guides for the entire session. These healing sessions remove blocks your having, in many areas of your life. Finances, Love, relationships, addictions, co-dependencies, and the list goes on. These session are done over the phone or Skype. Kathy has clients worldwide.

Message me on FB or email me or simply pay at paypal and I will get back to you to schedule your appt times. Phone, Skype or Facetime appt available.
First time clients $85 Regular price $105angelwarrior